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Between 2018-2022, during my time as a High School student @ Makif Dalet, I had the privilege to act as the head of social media.

Since school did not have history nor experience in that field — i had to shape its graphic language and content style myself — as one of my first significant projects.

The Big Questions

Who Are You?

We're a team of curious-by-nature teens from Ashdod, Israel, meeting every Saturday night to have an open lecture stage. In The Kitchenette you can learn about art, history, geopolitics, science & technology, middle-east, cinematography and more.

It all began in July 10th 2021, in the summer vacation in-between 11th and 12nd grade — Amir Mazor and I made the decision to kill our boredom. Since in our mean time, we love listening to podcasts and lectures, then why won't we do it ourselves?

And here we are — The Kitchenette has seen hundreds of fascinating lectures that you'd never believe were delivered by teenagers, and many respectable guest lecturers.

Why 'Kitchenette'?

Any similarities between The Kitchenette and kitchens are merely a coincidence.

In the first conference of our lovely project — after all the lectures were over, we were left with plenty of time to talk, and naturally we all went to, you guessed it, the kitchen! Our forum was still fresh (and we also had to pick a name for our online group chat) – so we went with the metonimia y'all know.

Retrospectively, The Kitchenette got a double meaning, since in Israel of 1969, Prime Minister Golda Meir convened at her home a forum known as “Golda’s kitchen” where she would host and cook for senior members of her cabinet, and where crucial decisions were reached over a bowl of chicken soup, fine gefilte fish and strong Turkish coffee. Since we're sort of a cabinet of ourselves, the resemblance is clear.

The cabinet of The Kitchenette lasts till this day. Our's and the government's.

תמונה קבוצתית.png

Starting SImple — The 10th conference of The Kitchenette

From Left to Right — Me, Lea, Amir, Ron, Yoni